In July 1995 Messrs Stott, Williams & Mitchell created Ultimet Films Limited, harnessing over 50 years combined experience within the industry across production, machine installation, quality control and customer service aspects

In October 1995 a 1650mm wide vacuum web coater was installed and commissioned initially offering contract metallising services

In February 1997 following a year of establishing a customer base the premises was extended and the first slitter was installed

In November 1998 the company installed a second new 2050mm wide vacuum web coater alongside the first machine

In January 2000 due to the increase in metallising capacity the company installed a second new 2450mm slitter offering greater throughput and flexibility than the first machine

In November 2000 the company installed a third new 1000mm wide speciality vacuum web coater in new premises

A new 2450mm wide vacuum web coater with plasma facilities was installed in new premises in March 2001 taking the total number of vacuum coating machines to four

Investment in Mocon MVTR and O2TR equipment and commissioning of testing laboratory in 2003

A third new 2850mm wide high output slitter was installed during May 2005

In 2005 installation of plasma facilities on 1000mm speciality vacuum web coater

In November 2011 installation of bespoke Management System took place throughout the whole business and production facilities. Utilising in-house expertise, all software was designed and written by Ultimet Films to provide maximum efficiency and future adaptability and flexibility for business.

In 2013 we unveiled our Technology Centre, which acts as the hub for our research and development projects

Installation of a pilot vacuum coating facility in 2013 and a pilot lamination and coating facility within our Technology Centre

In 2014 Achieved highest possible grade for BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials and maintained Grade AA for issue 5 thereafter

Rob Stott appointed IT Director in 2015

Matt Grady appointed Operations Director in 2017

BRC Accreditation achieved to grade ‘AA’ for third year in a row in 2020

Ultimet Films celebrates 25 years of trading in 2020

Edward Stott appointed Finance Director in 2022

Andrew Mitchell appointed Managing Director in 2023