Contract Corona Treatment

The principal operation of Corona Treatment involves a grounded metal base roll, which is separated by a dielectric material and what we will refer to as an electrode, around that base roll.

Between the base roll and the electrode is an air gap, which is usually set between 1 and 2 mm. A high electrical voltage is introduced between the electrode and the base roll.

The air between the electrode and the base roll becomes conductive at the peak of each electrical cycle and sparking occurs across the gap. As the sparking occurs, the air is suddenly ionized producing the corona discharge.  The frequency of operation usually varies between 1 KHz and 50 KHz, with output voltages in the range of 10-15K volts.

Conductive substrates require the base roll to be bare and grounded in order that the corona arc can be created between the encapsulating material around the electrode connected to the high tension power supply and the grounded base roll.

For customers who wish to contract out their materials for corona boost treatment, Ultimet Films Limited is able to accommodate this requirement via our slitting machine equipped with bare roller treatment facility.

Please get in contact and we would be happy to provide pricing information.