AlOx Coated Film



CeramAlOx® transparent barrier films offer outstanding barrier properties against gases and water vapour. The Aluminium Oxide layer also exhibits extremely high surface energy, which enhances the adhesion of coatings, inks and adhesives to the surface.

CeramAlOx® transparent barrier films are coated with an inorganic barrier layer using a process developed and installed by Ultimet Films Limited. As well as retaining samples of EVERY reel, all Alox coated products undergo levels of testing and analysis above that of other film manufacturers. We offer AlOx PET, AlOx PP, AlOx OPA as well as AlOx PLA films.

CeramAlOx® transparent Barrier films offer the following features:

•   High Barrier against gases, water vapour and aromas
•   High Surface Energy
•   High AlOx adhesion to base film
•   Metal Detectable
•   Usable in Microwave Oven’s

We would be glad to assist you in selecting the CeramAlOx® transparent Barrier Film from the range below to suit your requirements.

•   MET 150 Series – AlOx Coated Polyester Films (PCR option now available!)
•   MET 250 Series – AlOX Coated BOPP Films
•   MET 450 Series – AlOx Coated OPA Films
•   MET 850 Series – AlOx Coated PLA Films

Our CeramAlOx® barrier film makes an excellent alternative to PVDC/EVOH films. Contact us to discuss your requirements directly.

FILMtech Inc. is our exclusive distributor of CeramAlOx® products in the United States.
For all U.S. inquiries, please visit for more information.