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Ultimet Films Limited is a leading UK roll to roll vacuum metallising company. Formed in 1995, we are a specialist in value added vacuum coated films combining exceptional manufacturing and process expertise with modern production capabilities. We are a leading manufacturer of Aluminium Metallised barrier films, Aluminium Oxide transparent barrier films, and Microwave Susceptor films.

The manufacturing sites of Ultimet Films Limited are located in the town of Attleborough within the East Anglian region of the UK. Our location provides efficient access to the ports of Felixstowe and Dover for access into mainland Europe and worldwide.

Our manufacturing facility incorporates 4 vacuum metallising lines including a 1000mm wide speciality machine and a 2450mm machine, the widest machine in the UK. As well as manufacturing our own product range the company also offers a contract/toll coating facility, which allows customers to provide their own material for contract coating.

Technology Centre

Ultimet Films Limited has extensive experience of handling most web-fed materials including Films, Paper, Fabrics and Non Woven materials. We also recognise the importance of sustainability and are actively developing environmentally friendly products to suit our customer’s requirements.

As well as providing market leading products and services we also place a high priority upon innovation. Our new Technology Centre acts as the hub for numerous cutting edge developments with projects ongoing across a wide range of industry types.

These facilities can also be utilised by clients for vacuum coating development and coating and laminating projects for a wide range of applications available for hire at a daily rate.

We are proud of our development partnerships to date and work with our customers to design bespoke solutions if more exacting specifications are required. It is this desire to innovate and collaborate closely with our customers, which drives our business.

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