Ultimet Films Limited has an extensive array of products, which have been tried and tested within the marketplace for many years. Application of these products is wide-reaching for both AlOx coated and Metallised Films.

Applications for AlOx Coated Films

CeramAlOx®  transparent barrier films (PET / BOPP / PLA / OPA)  offer outstanding barrier properties against gases and water vapour. The Aluminium Oxide layer also exhibits extremely high surface energy, which enhances the adhesion of coatings, adhesives and inks to the surface.

AlOx coated films can be used in a range of applications including: Lidding Film, MAP/CAP lidding, EVOH Replacement, PVDC Replacement, Pasta, Snacks, Cheese Wrap, Dry Powders and Goods, Barrier Packaging that can be used in Microwave Ovens and Pet-foods.

Also, examples of industrial applications include requirement for high surface energy and good surface ‘wettability’ to enhance coating quality.

As well as retaining samples of all reels, all products within the CeramAlOx®  range undergo levels of testing and analysis above that of other film manufacturers.

Applications for Metallised Films

Ultimet® High Barrier Metallised films (PET / OPP / PLA / PE / OPA / CPP) incorporate a high quality vacuum deposited Aluminium layer on the film surface and offer excellent barrier properties for a wide-range of food applications including; Snack/Crisp Packaging, Yoghurt/Dairy Lidding, Breadbags and Overwrap, Dry Powders and Goods, Chocolate and Confectionery, Microwave Susceptor, Liquid Packaging and Retortable Packaging.

Examples of insulation applications include; Plasterboard Insulation, Roof-space Insulation, High Barrier Laminates for Vacuum Insulation Panels, House Wrap, Solar Power and Survival Blankets.

Other applications include electronics packaging (ESD packaging) as well as graphics and decorative security in the case of Helium Balloons, Labels, Hologram enhancement and Product Authentication.

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