Permeation Testing


Our Laboratory and Technology Centre has a range of high specification test equipment, which can be utilised by clients to test their own materials. Similarly, we would be pleased to hear from clients who require an impartial testing service with full report analysis.

At Ultimet Films, commitment to product quality and testing knows no bounds. As well as retaining samples of EVERY reel, all CeramAlOx products undergo levels of testing and analysis far above that of other film manufacturers.

We are seeking to continually develop our facilities in-line with customer and market requirements. Please see our range of testing equipment below:

Permeation Testing

O2TR Testing to ASTM D-3985 using Mocon Oxtran Test Equipment

MVTR Testing to ASTM F-1249 using Mocon Permatran Test equipment

Tensile Strength, Laminate Bond Strength and Peel Strength Testing

Testing of any of the above using Mecmesin Tensile Testing

Categorisation of permeation levels versus stretch can also be carried out using the tensile tester

Heat Sealer

RDM HSE3 – Heat sealer capable of sealing with single heated jaw or double heated jaws

Optical Density and Light Transmission

Tobias Densitometer

Sheet Resistance Testing

Four point probe method using hand held portable test device or Keithley Digital Multimeter

Microscopy and Analysis

Brunel SP55D Digital Microscope  

Layer Thickness Measurement

Horiba Spectroscopic Ellipsometer