Here at Ultimet Films Limited, we pride ourselves on a high degree of expertise, meticulous attention to detail and unsurpassed levels of customer service.

With 4 vacuum web coating machines, Ultimet Films Limited is able to offer a range of services including; Aluminum Coating, AlOx Coating, Organic Film Coating, HRI Coating and Selective Metallisation.

Vacuum Web Coating can be carried out on a wide range of substrates including;  PET Film, BOPP Film, OPA Film, CPP Film, PLA Film, Cellophane, PEN Film, LDPE Film and Treated Paper.

Materials such as spun bonded non woven fabrics and micro-structured films can also be coated.

Plasma facilities on the web coaters allow materials to be pre-treated to enhance adhesion of the coatings to the substrate.

Please get in contact to discuss your requirements in detail.